Lymphatic drainage for the health of your legs

Manual lymphatic drainage is aimed at reducing the fluid content of loose connective tissue, preventing the formation of edema that can occur during pregnancy. During the nine months of pregnancy, there may be venous stasis due to the increase in body weight, causing a sense of heaviness, tingling, or nighttime cramps that do not promote the well-being of expectant mothers. After the third month of pregnancy, if any of these symptoms occur, it is advisable to undergo a gentle and light manual lymphatic drainage (under medical prescription) that also helps oxygenate the placenta, preventing its premature aging.

To facilitate blood circulation and prevent fluid retention, you can have one to two sessions of lymphatic drainage per week until the ninth month of pregnancy, taking into account the venous and lymphatic condition of the patient. 

Even from an aesthetic standpoint, prenatal lymphatic drainage massage helps prevent stretch marks that can develop due to the stretching of the tissue caused by the accumulation of fluids and toxins during these nine months, which are unlikely to disappear afterward. Considering that the future newborn lives in the water and feels and senses the wave of fluids pushed through the therapist's hands, a pleasant connection is created between mother and child.

Proper care of our legs during this phase involves putting the lymphatic system into motion, and it provides the benefits of therapy even after childbirth, contributing to a more peaceful relationship between mother and child.

Stella Maris Glowinski

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