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Riabilitazione oncologica

Oncological Rehabilitation

A person in perfect health who suddenly discovers they have cancer will begin to process a bodily grief in their mind. This psychological condition can lead to a sudden progression of the illness, even before the treatment path begins. After a surgical intervention, undoubtedly devastating for us women, the entire body will have to undergo changes that will impact our psyche for a long period, until the end of the treatments. Physio-aesthetics, as a realm of beauty treatments, along with physical rehabilitation, restores the possibility of undergoing treatments for the body that can make us feel better. Better because we regain our bodily image and approach the painful journey of the illness with greater conviction and strength.

The goals of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation with Physioaesthetic

The skin is the largest organ of contact, but it also acts as a barrier that contributes to the osmotic exchange within our body. Through bodily contact with the skin, we can achieve increased oxygenation, reduced anxiety, and a rise in body warmth, all of which result in a sense of well-being for the individual receiving physioesthetic massage. Another benefit of physioesthetic massage is of a muscular nature, both for voluntary and involuntary muscles. Additionally, it triggers various stimuli that reach the brain, enhancing confidence and self-esteem through nerve innervations and muscle fibers that induce a relaxation, release of fatigue, and sense of security due to the alleviation of physical tension endured during treatments. By reducing stress, there will likely be a decreased desire to overindulge in eating, as the feeling of well-being will directly affect the hypothalamus, significantly reducing the need for unhealthy food. The stimulation resulting from massage, especially compared to body drainage, is considerable. As we are aware, capillaries are more fragile after chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This condition leads to an excess accumulation of fluids, proteins, toxins, and minerals that deposit in the tissue, causing edema which may result in various consequences, both aesthetic and physical.


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Connective tissue mass.

A therapeutic treatment that involves slow, friction, and deeper pressure focused on areas of tension. Connective tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscles, specifically the connective tissue.

Cupping therapy

An ancient Chinese practice that uses suction to draw the underlying muscles and separate them from deeper layers of fat. Anti-cellulite massage with silicone cups, deeply stimulating the connective tissue, for localized adiposity.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a massage that works on the lymphatic vessels with the aim of eliminating interstitial fluid and lymph. It's a gentle and repetitive massage with a slower rhythm, and its adherence to the skin promotes lymphatic activation and the elimination of fluids.

Wood therapy

Maderotherapy is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes wooden tools to stimulate every area of the body without causing damage to the tissues. Due to its highly draining and relaxing effect, it achieves visible results from the first session.

Vibrating gun

The massaging gun is a tool that also improves circulation and can provide benefits to those who suffer from water retention or cellulite. Consistent use on the thighs and other parts of the body affected by cellulite can bring about the desired benefits.


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